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  • How do I find my ring size?
    A ring sizer will give the most accurate size, it will give you a letter which corresponds to a standard UK ring size. If you don't have one to hand, they can be picked up online inexpensively.
  • My ring doesn't fit. What do I do?
    We offer a resizing service through the post. Just post it to us, with your details. Ring re-sizing costs £30. We strongly recommend double checking your ring size before ordering, as some of the more complex pieces cannot be resized (If this is the case it will be mentioned in the description).
  • My dental caps don't fit. What do I do?
    If your cap feels loose and won't stay on your teeth, a dab of denture adhesive will create a non-permanent seal which will hold it in place. We would recommend this as the first option if you are having difficulty with fitting. It could simply be that the tooth is straight and doesn't have the curve necessary for retention. If they feel too tight or warped, please don't force the caps down onto your teeth as this may damage your teeth. If your caps don't fit this is likely to be a problem with the impression/model. The silicone may have moved in the mouth before setting properly or warped slightly creating a false impression of your teeth. Your caps may simply need tightening, in some cases small adjustments could be made with a pair of pliers and a cloth to avoid damage to the piece. We aim to spot any problems with the impression before casting your model to avoid wasting anyone's time, but unfortunately a new impression may be required if the caps don't fit. Send your caps back to us with your new impression and we can go through the process again.
  • How do I take a dental impression?
    Read through the instructions provided in your impression pack, and watch a demonstration video if you are unsure about impression taking. Feel free to send over pictures of your impression before posting too. It's a crucial stage that will determine how well your caps will fit. Basically the tooth/teeth that you want capped should be clearly visible in the impression, the gum line around the tooth should be sharp in order to make a cap that covers the tooth properly. Your first impression kit is on-the-house, but additional kits are available to purchase if your first impression fails.
  • Why isn't this ring available in my size?
    Some pieces are designed with a certain size in mind, which wouldn't suit a bigger or smaller band. If you liked a design but need a bigger or smaller size, get in touch and we might be able to scale the whole design up or down to suit. Also half sizes are available, just choose the closest size down and send us a message.
  • My jewellery has left a mark on my finger?
    We use a variety of polishing products to make our jewellery shiny and although we clean our pieces thoroughly in an ultrasonic, some polishing residue may remain. This is nothing to worry about and will easily rub off with soapy water.
  • My jewellery isn't as shiny as it was?
    This is completely normal as silver naturally reacts with the environment and tarnishes slightly. Silver polishing cloths are only a few quid and will with shine your jewellery back to its former glory.
  • How much is shipping?
    Worldwide shipping is free for orders over £200. Shipping is £6 for orders under £200 within Europe and £12 for the rest of the world.
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